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Het Muizenhuis (The House of the Mice)

 Library Park, Merksem Belgium, 2021

This project was created under the umbrella of Antwerp’s “Youth Book Month: March 2021”. Merksem Library created a dollhouse for 2 characters: Sam and Julia, the reading mice. Children were invited to decorate the house.


For the decoration, art workshops were organized by Laura Vargas and given online. Children were encouraged to bring back their creations, which all had a place in the house. Laura prepared the one hundred and twenty art packets and instruction videos for each child.


Additionally she was commissioned to create the animations of the mice for the promotional film that invited the children to participate in all the library's events regarding the “Youth Book Month 2021”.

GIF animation, Procreate 

GIF animations for promotional film, Procreate 

Film by Mundana Antwerpen 

Art kits for the children Youth Book Month , March 2021

Library Park, Merksem Belgium 

Interview for Library Park, Youth Book Month , March 2021

Film by Mundana Antwerpen 

In collaboration with 

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